5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website Today

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Why is it important to properly reference your website?

Today, like you, more than 90% of b2b decision-makers are researching on the Internet to find answers to their questions. The whole challenge is to make yourself visible to your potential prospects even though they don’t know you and aren’t looking for you.

And yes! Because if you thought you were on top of SEO because your site appears on the 1st page of Google when we search for it by its name or its url, think again, you still have a lot of work to do.

During their research, Internet users – whether they are individuals or professionals – enter keywords, expressions and even whole sentences to find precise answers. Even worse, less than 10% of them consult websites that are beyond the 1st page on search engines.

Clearly, if you are not visible on the 1st page, your chances of a prospect contacting you spontaneously are low.

Working on your SEO means above all creating more business opportunities for yourself.

The benefits of an optimized SEO :

the benefits of SEO – FPC Agency

In 2021, you have understood, your priority is to develop your visibility to attract more visitors to your website and serve your business development.

To help you do this, I advise you to implement these 7 practices to make your company more visible on the web :


Customer knowledge remains and will always remain the basis of all your marketing and commercial actions. That is why the development of your Buyers Personas is essential. 👉 Discover how to build your Buyers Personas in steps

This is even what will help you to accurately identify the problems that your targets encounter, the information they want to obtain, the way they inform themselves, but also the type of content they like. Knowing the key topics and expressions of your interlocutors is essential to start working on your SEO.

Collecting your valuable data is what will then allow you to be visible at the right time, in the right place, with the right message and above all, with the right people!


To improve your place on Google, Bing, Qwant … you must regularly publish content on your blog, your social networks, forums … And yes, the n ° 1 tool of your SEO is content marketing. It is proven that BtoB companies that publish several pieces of content per month, see their traffic to their websites increase.

The first thing to do (if you don’t already have one) is to create a professional blog for yourself. 👉 Check out our article: 6 good reasons to create a professional blog

Indeed, blog posts make it possible to create a new access point to your website, to answer the questions of Internet users, to position yourself as an expert in your field, to strengthen the loyalty of your customers and finally to build up a real audience ready to come back to listen to your words.

Then, draw up a list of all the content that already exists within your organization because before you start creating, you can reuse old articles that have fallen into oblivion and bring them up to date (add key figures, innovations that have appeared in the meantime …).

Then, with the help of your Buyers personas, create and plan the distribution of your content. At first it’s not obvious, so think by theme (topic cluster), and keep in mind that each content must answer a single question, this will avoid scattering you. Also, don’t forget to diversify the pleasures by using different formats: infographics, articles, webinars, videos, practical guide, toolkit, case study…

However, be careful not to fall into the “too much”. Never prioritize quantity over quality. If your content is not relevant, or even useful to your targets, no matter how enthusiastic and how often you publish, you will not see any benefit to your efforts.

12 tips to make your blog post a success – FPC-1 Agency


The notion of “keywords” has evolved considerably over the years, first because the practices of Internet users have changed but also because Google – which makes rain or shine on the web – constantly modifies its algorithms to sort through the mass of available information and propose content adapted to the searches carried out.

Thus, Google will now favor expressions and phrases with meaning (and not words put end to end). You must therefore carefully choose them to repost them in your texts.

Be careful this step should not be taken lightly. To choose the right keywords, you need to collect information about your personas, analyze your competitors’ websites, exchange with your employees and search for phrases on Google (free SEO software exists to help you in your efforts: SEM rush, Woorank, Keyword Tool, Google Trends, Seoquantum, Neil Patel … but of course who says free says limited).

After combining all its data, select the most relevant keywords according to the level of competition and focus on specific phrases that are less searched for but that still catch the eye of your prospects. The goal is not to be drowned in the mass.


It is important that your site meets the SEO criteria set up by the search engines as well as possible. Google, for example, uses no less than 200 algorithms to position your pages: URLs, content, title tags, meta-description, keywords, backlinks, page speed, architecture, domain security, authority, inbound links… everything goes there.

So how can you maximize your impact on the web, without it being too complicated?

The 1st thing to do is to structure your pages, 1 page = 1 theme.

Visualize a practical path so that your visitor quickly finds the solutions he has come for. It is estimated that an Internet user must find the answer to his question in a maximum of 3 clicks.

As for the page loading, it must take 3 seconds at most, otherwise it leaves you. To help you, create “main pages”, “secondary pages” and “sub-pages”. A neat, uncluttered presentation, with relevant visuals and texts should accompany each of your pages.

Then, complete your metadata: URL, meta description tags, title tags H1 – H2 – H3, “alt” tags of your images. It is all this data that is used to improve the reading of your site by the robots responsible for indexing your pages. Be careful, if you are not comfortable with the codes and the computer language, do not hesitate to call on SEO specialists (at the risk of breaking your links, making your entire site yell 💣💥).

Make sure that your site is responsive, that it adapts to each reader: computer, smartphone and tablet. Then position CTAs in strategic places to encourage the user to take actions: share your content, download a guide, request a diagnosis, make an appointment. By accompanying it with a landing page and contact form, you will be able to obtain valuable information about your potential buyers.

Once this optimization is done, submit your “site map” to Google to help it speed up your indexing. And keep checking and improving your search performance thanks to the “Google Search Console” tool (broken link, page 404 error…)


Facebook inst LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube … – if so much that your targets are present there – have become essential platforms to make themselves known. They each have specific advantages. However, depending on your company and its sector of activity, there is no point in being present everywhere (it will take you time and energy to have no feedback). You only need to be present on the social media that your targets use.

Social networks are a powerful vector to improve the positioning of your site, your sales and marketing teams must constantly animate its platforms :

✨by updating their profiles,

✨by regularly publishing infographics, articles, visuals…

✨by joining forums, blogs, groups, communities to answer their questions, ask questions, distribute content…

✨by exchanging with your relations (likes, shares, comments …)

✨by writing recommendations to former colleagues, clients…

✨by adding new relationships to your network,

✨by forging links with opinion leaders.

These exchange tools are a good way to build a loyal community, demonstrate your expertise, attract additional Internet users to your publications, strengthen your online presence and therefore improve your indexing on search engines.

Thanks to all these actions, you demonstrate to Google that your pages / content are interesting, appreciated and above all of quality.

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