How to Use Android Phone as Webcam in Linux

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In the technology of faraway work and online conversation, having a dependable webcam is essential. However, no longer each person has access to a devoted webcam. Fortunately, in case you personal an Android cellphone and use Linux, you can effortlessly turn your cellphone right into a webcam. This article will manual you via the technique grade by grade, permitting you to leverage your Android device for video calls, stay streaming, and greater on your Linux gadget.


Before we continue, ensure you have got the following conditions:
1. An Android cellphone with a operating digicam.
2. A Linux-based totally running machine mounted to your laptop.
3. Both your Android device and Linux pc related to the equal Wi-Fi network.
4. A 1/3-party app known as DroidCam installed on your Android cellphone.

Installing DroidCam on Android:

1. Open the Google Play Store to your Android device.
2. Search for "DroidCam" and set up the app evolved by using Dev47Apps.
3. Once established, launch the DroidCam app for your Android phone.

Installing DroidCam Client on Linux:

1. Open your net browser and navigate to the DroidCam website (https://www.Dev47apps.Com/droidcam/linux/).
2. Download the perfect DroidCam Client for Linux primarily based on your device architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).
3. Open a terminal window and navigate to the listing wherein the downloaded record is positioned.
4. Run the subsequent instructions to extract and installation the DroidCam Client: “`bash tar -xvzf droidcam_linux.Tar.Gz cd droidcam_linux ./install-consumer “`

tar -xvzf droidcam_linux.Tar.Gz cd droidcam_linux 

Connecting Android Phone to Linux:

1. Ensure that each your Android device and Linux computer are linked to the equal Wi-Fi network.
2. Launch the DroidCam app on your Android telephone.
3. Note down the IP cope with displayed at the DroidCam app’s foremost display.
4. Open a terminal window for your Linux laptop.
5. Run the following command to start the DroidCam Client:


6. When precipitated, input the IP cope with of your Android device.
7. Once related, you should see the digital camera feed from your Android telephone to your Linux laptop display screen.

Using Android Phone as Webcam in Applications:

Now that your Android device is attached in your Linux laptop, you could use it as a webcam in various applications along with Zoom, Skype, OBS Studio, and so on. Here’s a way to do it in Zoom for example: 1. Open Zoom on your Linux pc.
2. Go to Settings > Video.
3. In the Camera dropdown menu, choose "DroidCam Source 1" (or whichever DroidCam source is to be had).
4. You have to now see the video feed from your Android smartphone as your webcam in Zoom.

Troubleshooting and Additional Tips:

1. Firewall Issues:

If you encounter connection troubles between your Android tool and Linux computer, make certain that your firewall settings permit communication over the nearby network. You may additionally want to add exceptions for DroidCam to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

2. USB Connection (Optional):

In addition to using DroidCam over Wi-Fi, you may additionally join your Android tool to your Linux laptop via USB. To try this, permit USB debugging mode for your Android device and deploy necessary drivers on your Linux device. Then, select the USB choice within the DroidCam app and observe the on-display instructions.

3. Quality Settings:

DroidCam allows you to modify the video quality settings to optimize overall performance based in your preferences and available bandwidth. Experiment with one-of-a-kind settings to discover the proper balance among video high-quality and smoothness.

4. Audio Support:

While DroidCam basically focuses on video streaming, you could use separate answers to seize audio out of your Android device if wished. For example, you could join a microphone to your Linux pc or use Bluetooth headphones with a integrated microphone for audio input.

5. Multiple Cameras:

If you have got a couple of cameras in your Android tool (e.G., the front and rear cameras), you may transfer among them inside the DroidCam app. This flexibility lets in you to pick the satisfactory digicam for one-of-a-kind situations, which include video calls or taking pictures footage.

6. Third-Party Compatibility:

DroidCam is compatible with a huge range of applications, but a few packages won’t apprehend it as a webcam via default. In such cases, you may use additional software program like v4l2loopback to create a virtual webcam tool that mirrors the DroidCam feed, making it accessible to all programs.

Security Considerations:

When using DroidCam or any similar app to turn your Android tool into a webcam, it is essential to don’t forget protection implications:

1. Update Software:

Keep each the DroidCam app to your Android device and the DroidCam Client to your Linux pc up to date to mitigate ability security vulnerabilities.

2. Secure Network:

Ensure that your Wi-Fi community is secure and password-included to save you unauthorized get entry to for your Android device and its digital camera feed.

3. Permissions:

Review the permissions requested by the DroidCam app on your Android tool and furnish handiest those necessary for its meant capability. Avoid granting needless permissions that could compromise your privateness.

4. Trustworthy Sources:

Download DroidCam and other associated software program from respectable resources along with the Google Play Store or reputable websites to reduce the threat of downloading malicious applications. By following these security nice practices, you can decrease ability dangers related to using your Android device as a webcam in Linux even as playing the convenience and versatility it presents.


Turning your Android cellphone into a webcam in Linux offers a convenient and fee-effective solution for video communication and content advent. With the assist of gear like DroidCam, you can harness the power of your telephone’s digicam and leverage it for diverse functions on your Linux device. By following the steps outlined in this manual and considering additional pointers and troubleshooting tips, you may seamlessly combine your Android tool into your workflow and decorate your on-line presence.

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